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We pride ourselves on working with hard-working and passionate business owners in the engineering industry. You’ve done the hardest part - building your business from the ground up - so now, let us help you grow it. Start actually reaping the rewards from your efforts.

It’s not about us, it’s about you.

We could go on and on and on about how we are specialist accountants for engineers, about how experienced we are in the industry and how well-versed we are with the specific challenges, but we’re not going to. Not because it’s not important, but because it’s not about us, it’s about you.

What do you get from working with us? Why should you work with us instead of doing nothing or going elsewhere?

These are the important questions that we want to answer and we believe that it is far more powerful to show you.

The main challenges faced by our engineering clients:

Can I afford the latest machine or do I need finance?

Can my business move to industry 4.0?

Does my business qualify for a HMRC R&D Tax Credit claim?

How can I improve my cash flow AND reduce corporation tax?

How can I build a business that provides for my family?

How can I spend more time on the enjoyable parts of running my business (and less on the boring/financial stuff)?

How can I run my business more efficiently (and spend more time with my family)?

How can I run a profitable business with a small legacy to leave behind?

How can I stay one step ahead in a dynamic and demanding industry?

Case study: “They can now plan their cashflow with certainty”

One of our newest clients was using a mixture of old fashioned spreadsheets and Sage to run their business. The problem was, these two systems weren’t talking to each other resulting in it being difficult to undertake any meaningful planning. 


After moving to us, we moved them fully to Quickbooks Online and provided an App to quickly capture receipts and expenses.  The client estimates this change saved them several hours per month in the mundane bookkeeping they were doing themselves. 


Once we had Quickbooks up to date (within our three-month promise), the client now has monthly management accounts and can plan their cash flow with certainty. The first thing this did was reduce debtor days by some 15 days thus having an immediate positive impact on the client.

How we can help you

When we said we are accountants for engineers, we really meant it. We want to invest in you and your business.

It’s tough enough as it is building and growing a sustainable business, never mind in a dynamic and highly competitive industry such as engineering, so we want to help you succeed. Here’s how we do that.


We partner with you and talk your language
You won’t just hear from us once a year to file your year-end accounts; we are your partner. This means, working with you regularly to build your business and always being on hand to offer expert advice. Whether you need guidance or a full-blown growth strategy, we will always explain it in a way you’ll understand.


We take away the headaches that come with finances
You started your business to do what you love, not spend hours on your finances and endless paperwork. That’s our job. We help you stay compliant and away from HMRC, as well as giving you the figures and data insights to make sound business decisions. This means no more headaches and you have time to get back to what you do best.


We help you improve your cash flow
More cash means more security and peace of mind. Whether it’s cutting costs, increasing efficiency or being more tax-efficient, we can help you fund the lifestyle you want and prepare for any unexpected bumps in the road.


We help you work smarter (not harder)
(Engineering is a fast-moving and competitive industry. To help you stay ahead of the curve, we’ll work with you to help you operate as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. For example, something as simple as cloud-accounting software means less time working and more time with your family.


We always keep your future goals in mind
We will always proactively help you achieve your business goals. Whether that’s building a profitable business that provides for your family now and in the future or scaling the business to leave a legacy behind, we can help you plot the right path to success.

Success doesn’t have to be complicated.

This is a motto that we live by because success isn’t complicated with the right support. You’ve done the hard part, building your business from the ground up, so let us help you take it one step further by doing what we do best.

We can help you get the right work-life balance, to grow your business, and to have complete peace of mind with your finances. Let’s have a conversation to discuss your needs.

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