14 Feb 2022

How do you approach a significant price rise with customers (since the labour wage is killing profit margins)?

As if the rising costs of materials wasn’t bad enough, the construction industry has also been suffering from the lack of skilled labour. Finding good employees is the first challenge, but it’s retaining them that is the real problem. Construction firms who want to retain their top staff must commit to paying their employees competitive wages, and the only way to minimise the impact on their profit margin is to increase their prices.

03 Nov 2021

The haulage skills shortage: what are you going to do about it?

We have all heard about the shortage of lorry drivers over this past year. Whether it’s seeing the massive queues of lorries waiting at the borders for days after Brexit happened or experiencing countless deliveries being late, we can’t deny that this is still happening. The question is then, how and why is this happening and what are you as an employer going to do about it?

04 Oct 2021

Inflation alert for 4 key industries (and 3 ways to lessen the pain!)

Have you heard about the construction cost inflation? What about the manufacturing inflation? It doesn’t stop there either...

24 Aug 2021

How contractors can survive rising construction costs

Contractors aren’t strangers to rising material costs, but the pandemic has caused them to skyrocket. Not only that, but the construction industry is facing a year-over-year increase; one that is eating into profit margins and causing some contractors to lose money on projects.