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Paul of PS Accountants

Hi, I’m Paul of PS Accountants. I run a friendly firm of accountants based in Lymm, which means we can easily service the brilliant businesses who make and move ‘things’ in the North West.

With a love of Quickbooks and poring over the numbers, I like nothing more than sitting with my engineering and manufacturing clients, investigating if what they are seeing at the coal face of the business matches up to what I see in the numbers. PS Accountants is not just me. I’ve developed a great team of accountants and bookkeepers who like nothing more than making sure our clients are delighted.

The trend now is being a niche at something. Look, I’m not going to tell you how to manufacture a better end product or engineer better kit: you’ve been in your industry for years and if you enjoy it as much as I enjoy accountancy, you’ll know a lot about it and be good at it. But, if you want to know exactly how your business is performing and get more out of it, then you are in the right place.

What do we offer

It’s not just about the numbers, with an MBA from Manchester comes a wealth of business acumen so I’ll be a trusted advisor to your business. Working together, utilising our proven ways of working, we’ll achieve these four commitments for your business:


We will get you in control of your finances within 3 months
(No more worrying about whether you have enough money in the bank to pay the next tax bill)


We will eradicate nearly all your paper receipts and invoices
(Never miss claiming some VAT again)


You will always know if you can afford to bring in new people, machinery or premises
(and we can help to create a plan to make it happen at the right time)


We’ll turn around your work promptly, and always let you know when we plan to complete it
(One of our core values is ‘get stuff done’)

How big is our team

How big are we?

We are currently a team of six all based at Lymm. At this point, you should get the usual pictures of the team and their job title. When I mentioned this to the team, photos on the company website was met with a flat “NO!”. We like to run a happy ship at PS Accountants, so I went with the team’s wishes. But they would love to meet you in the office or over a video call.

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Thanks for reading

I hope the above has given you a flavour of what we do, how we operate and how we want to help your manufacturing and engineering business thrive. There are many fantastic businesses in the North West who make a real difference and we don’t yet work with all of them. So, if you want someone to enthuse about your latest cool bit of kit then I’d love to hear from you and also see your business in action. If you also want a key business advisor to let you run the technical side whilst taking the heavy lifting off the financial and compliance side, then get in touch.